Auto Poly PortraitAlexander Sasha Bozic

Welcome to my portfolio page, I'm a graphic designer, web developer and project manager with over seven (7) years of professional experience with design concepts for web, print and digital media production.

My main focus is to design and develop web pages and/or interactive presentations from concept to completion with great user experience as the result. My specialty is custom made graphics and content management systems with front to back end development, along with professional Photography, Video production and project management skills.

My mission is to provide and guide each client with more than they imagined in terms of visual presentation, develop and configure compatible technologies while igniting creativity in the process of building the best user experience.
I'm deeply committed to achieve excellence, your success is my success!

Personal qualities: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Resilience, Motivation, Persistence, Curiosity, Question Asking, Humor, Endurance, Reliability, Enthusiasm, Civic-Mindedness, Self Awareness, Self Discipline, Empathy, Leadership, Compassion, Courage, Sense of Beauty, Sense of Wonder, Resourcefulness and Humility.

Currently I'm the director and chief movement officer at Tabletop Gallery®, a creative photo application that helps you make exceptional visual products with your favorite photos.

My interests include; gardening, yoga, literature, sciences, philosophy and art. I enjoy riding the bicycle, tending the garden by the river and always think about some delicious new recipe to share with my family and friends.                                            




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