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In a future of digital photography and 'do it yourself' crafts, imagine using photographic prints to make a pencil holder for your office desk that besides keeping your writing devices all in one place, also displays photos of your kids. Or making a memorable creative gift for your family, friends and prospects?

Zoltan and Sasha's Tabletop Gallery® envisions a world where photography, technology and crafts work seamlessly by placing the user experience in the captain's seat of a custom made, design studio named Photocrafter - with easy to use tools enabling and igniting users creative genius to easily make or mail order beautiful visual and practical products.
Everything is unique about this crafty online photo shaping system which operating mechanism is based on a freemium business model with a mail order system in the works. Tabletop Gallery® resource shapes are designed to fit in a North American photo standard system starting with four by six inches size print and eventually include options for larger size prints as 5x7, or 8x10 inches.
Either way works, to print at home or at your local photographic print lab, the prints are used to make cut out elements which are then bonded together.

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Posted on 1/20/2014 3:40:10 AM

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